Weekend Experience



Montréal Canada



June 14th, 15th and 16th



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How Does it Work?

The Super Spy Me weekend experience works like a training boot camp: you show up at the pickup location and you're then driven in a van filled with other enlisted recruits to an undisclosed location to be taught a rare and exhilarating set of skills.

Except that at Super Spy Me, you’re not signing your life away … to the contrary!

We’ve gathered top notch-experts to give you personalized, hands-on training and useful tactics to be able to handle life as Bond would.

Who Should Come?

If you want to feel alive, do stuff you've never dreamed of doing and see what happens when you leave behind your desk job, smartphone, and coffee shop loyalty cards to dive into an intensive weekend, then you should come. 

If you want to learn hands-on tactical skills, such as evasive driving techniques, target shooting and learn real self-defence moves, then you should come.

If you want an all-included action-packed weekend that will leave you ready to take on the life you know you deserve, then you should come.