Program Overview

Luxury lodgings.

Three meals a day – breakfast – lunch and dinner, one of which will be a seven-course discovery menu.

Professionally taken pictures and video footage of your experiences are also part of the deal so that you can focus on the moment.

We've even arranged for you to be able to stay on-site and check-out on Monday morning at no additional charge, if this better suit your schedule.

Access to the training material post-event.

… plus the swag!



Meet and Greet

Our Safe House Training room for the weekend

The best way to dive right in is to commit to the unknown by going to the rendez-vous point and get picked up in an anonymous van, driven by strangers who only know your codename.

We’ll set you up for your stay, hand out some swag while we're enjoying refreshments and get to know each other. 


Precision Driving Maneuvers

1600 T-Rex

You will be learning stunt car driving techniques.

You will learn precision 180's, sliding 90's, and reverse 180's on a mark in a safe and controlled environment, coached by professional stunts drivers in real time.

You will also be allowed to compete with your fellow participants in a lapping competition at the wheel of a T-Rex (powered by an in-line 6-cylinder engine from BMW.)

Body Language & Non-verbal Communication


Imagine how fun it would be if you had a superpower that enables you to read minds or even know when people are not entirely honest with you. To quickly assess any social situation in seconds and KNOW something is off from the get-go.

This is why you will be learning the intricacies of non-verbal communications, how to read people, their gestures, facial expressions and social interactions in context. This is a potentially life-saving skill that every agent should have mastered before going in the field.

We will start with the basics, focus on body sections, link them together and then move to include environmental and social contexts interpretations.

Mr. JF, your host, is a Dr Paul Ekman Micro-Expressions Trained Expert (METT).


Krav Maga Intensive Training

You will be learning real advanced life-saving Krav Maga moves from a professional instructor, and test what you've learned in all sorts of scenarios. We have over 4 hours of techniques, training practices and situation-based testing scheduled for you.

Life-saving skills, for sure.

Target Shooting Drills


You will learn to handle pistols and rifles safely in a range environment. 

You will learn how to load your magazines, practice targeting drills, and shooting games to improve those targeting skills. 

You’re looking at shooting a hundred 9mm bullets with semi-automatic pistols and ninety 5.56 bullets using AR-15 rifles — over 2 hours in an immersive target practice session. You then get to keep your targets.